Brian Figures
aka   "Aardvark the Magician"

    Brian Figures was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, where he lived and worked almost his entire life. Eventually he came to settle in Richards Landing, a small community on St. Joseph Island.
    Between shifts on construction sites he visited the local library, where between the pages of a book on "The Great Houdini," he was introduced to the literature of "Magic."
    Brian kept up his reading of magic and began purchasing various props and illusions from Michigan and Toronto.
    Each time he learned a new illusion the librarian became his lone audience.
In 1978 Brian was invited by the librarian to perform at a Christmas gathering at a local church. This was his first paid performance for which he received a "thank you" card and a box of chocolates.

    Audience response is "key" to Brian's attraction to performing. "Theatre workshop experience doesn't compare to the feeling of being on stage and enthralling youngsters." "I enjoy working with the children and seeing their reactions." He involves as many children as possible during a show. "The kids are having fun, Mom and Dad are having fun, and I'm having fun." "It's all about the fun, no matter the age."
Brian has performed throughout his career for various functions for corporations and organizations, as well as at weddings, anniversaries, and engagement parties. He entertains at "Canada Day Celebrations" as well as other festivals and adult and children's birthday parties.
"My love for what I do has taken me to places all over Northern Ontario, to Southern Ontario, parts of Michigan, and as far west as Saskatchewan." "When our son was teaching in England, I performed and lectured there too."
    For almost 30 years he has been the only "House Magician" for The Station Mall in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. You'll see him there at Easter, Halloween and Christmas.
   As most in his field, Brian never reveals any trade secrets.  When asked, 'How did you do that?" he responds with, "Quite well, thank you," or with "Can you keep a secret?" "So can I."
The secret behind every magic trick performed can be found in a book.
The three rules of magic are Practice, Practice, Practice.

    "It's been 35 years now and the only reason I keep going is because it's so much FUN."